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Eye Examinations
A clear view ahead
At every stage of life, from pre-school to post-retirement, having a regular eye examination at Sherratt Opticians can give you the reassurance that your eyes are healthy and your vision is clear.
Our eye examination includes retinal photography. In only a few seconds a detailed image of the back of the eye will tell is if the eyes are healthy, and when we look again on your next visit it is easy to see any changes.
  • We can advise on the best vision for driving, computer use, sport and pastimes.
  • We are approved by DVLA to test drivers' vision.
Eye Examinations For Children
Children may not tell parents that they are not seeing well. We can check that your child is developing clear vision, has good colour vision, and that the eyes are working well together. These are all important for doing well at school and in sports.
Advanced Glaucoma Testing
Advanced glaucoma testing can be included in your regular eye examination. A five minute optic nerve scan concentrates on the small changes in this part of the eye. Early detection and treatment can prevent loss of vision in glaucoma.
Diabetic Patients
Diabetic patients can book their eye examination together with diabetic retinopathy screening. You will need to have eye drops which enlarge the pupils before retinal photographs are taken. Please remember that after the test your eyes may be a little blurred and sensitive to light, so we advise you not to drive to this appointment.
Our vision is clear vision for you.
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