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Choosing the right lens for you.
Imagine your last visit to the optician. You may have spent half an hour having a thorough eye examination to find the correct prescription for your focussing problem. Then perhaps an hour trying on the latest frame designs for the right look. And then you find there is a choice of lenses. You may wonder why the dispensing optician wants you to choose. After all, isn't that for the experts to decide? You may feel you don't know enough about the technology, and feel 'blinded' by science.
But remember that choosing lenses is a lifestyle choice.
Think about when you wear your spectacles, and about your work, leisure time and your personal style. Then have a look at some of the many options to help you choose.
Thin and Light
Lens technology now means that your prescription can be made thin and light for clearer vision, better comfort and a 'classy not glassy' appearance.
Clear and Bright
We all know that Teflon and Scotchguard protect from dirt and prevent sticking! Combine them with a clear anti-reflection coating and your lenses will be clearer, scratch resistant, easi-clean and glare reducing giving you a better quality of vision at all times, especially when driving at night or using a computer.
Advanced coating technology is now available from all good lens manufacturers. Premium coatings have a two year warranty for normal wear and tear.
From Zeiss: Lotutec and Duravision platinum.
From Essilor: Crizal Forte UV for full UV protection.
From Hoya: Blue Control, to help with eyestrain caused by todays modern technology.
Light to Dark
Driving, travel, gardening, fishing, watersports, walking and climbing. Doing these, our eyes will exposed to glare and increased ultra violet rays which can cause discomfort, and even damage. Transitions and Drivewear are tinted lenses which protect our eyes and the skin around them from the lasting effects of radiation and glare.
Transitions extra active are also available. A photo-chromatic lens with a slight tint. Ideal for drivers, and also safe for night driving. For a fast reacting photo-chromatic lens try Zeiss photofusion available in brown or grey. Fancy a change from your usual transitions lens? From May 2014 transitions lenses are now available in green as well as the traditional brown and grey.
Tough and Light
Rimless frames demand a thinner lens and chance would have it that this lens is also tougher, lighter and good on UV protection as well. So kids, sporty people, DIY and gardening enthusiasts could choose Airwear lenses for comfort and protection.
Near and Far (and in-between)
There comes a time of life when our eyes don't adjust to see near and middle distances clearly, and a lens with more than one focus becomes necessary. Choosing a high quality brand of varifocal gives you clear vision at all distances with easier adaptation to your new lenses. But varifocal lenses may not be the answer for everyone.
As lifestyle needs have changed, so have lens choices, especially for occupational or office style of lenses. Zeiss now offer a large selection of lenses for all working distances.
Book:- from reading distance to 100cm.
Near:- from reading distance to 200cm.
Room:- from reading distance to 400cm.
Individual:- customised from reading distance to personal choice, any individual distance between 100 and 400cm.
Digital Lenses
With Zeiss digital lenses find a solution to todays modern world. Digital lenses help to combat eye fatigue caused by constantly changing focus from one task to another. This may be a smart phone, tablet, e-reader or any number of combinations in our busy modern lives. We have an app for that! Check if you suffer from eyestrain with our app!
Let us look carefully for the right lens for you.
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